My House - My Country - India

You are the owner of your house, and you are responsible of the entire house administration. You take care of its well being in all aspects. You employ servants to keep do all house hold works and you regularly monitor their work efficiency and will point out their mistakes and see that they render proper services and complete the job upto your satisfaction.

Similarly, India is my Country and every citizen must feel that I am responsible for my country administration. Like you monitor your servants in your house, you also need to monitor the work efficiency of all Indian Public Servants. If you observe any deficiency in the services of government employees, face any difficulty in getting your works done or have suggestions for a better India, then, you have to immediately make your voice heard to the concerned officials, then, just make a e-petition and post it on our website.

What is ICRF ?

ICRF (Innovative Citizen Redressal Forum) can be defined as Public Administration, where public will monitor the administration activity, which is usually done by public servants.

Every citizen has to depend on the government for getting their works done and problems resolved. In the process, the citizens usually submit petitions to the concerned officials and wait for the result. In most of the cases, the works get abnormally delayed or deliberately kept pending for various reasons. In such a scenario, ICRF will assist the citizens for speedy redressal of their petitions


ICRF is Non-Governmental Organization and non profit organization. All citizens of India can become a member of this organization and can start posting e-petitions, likes, comments, supports etc., for any works to be done by government such as roads, drainage, street lights, water supply, corruption, sanitation, education, health etc.

Each and every e-petition posted on ICRF will get support from millions of people to get it resolved at the earliest. ICRF do not undertake any works on its own but believes in making the government to work for the country.

Generally any NGO can work according to its resources and cannot cover the entire nation. But ICRF believes that when the government is meant to work for the citizens and country why any NGO should carry out the same works and thereby make the government a mute spectator. Thus our government will become more efficient.

How it Works ?

How to use ICRF for getting the citizens problems resolved:

    Citizens have to first register and create a account on
    The petition must be of 160 characters detailing the problem in brief.
    Citizen must have the name and mobile number of the person who can solve your problem.
    Citizen can also upload videos and photographs of the problem.
    Once a petition is submitted, it will be displayed both on website and on mobile Application.
    All ICRF members can now support to your petition.
    Each supporter can express support by sending an SMS to the concerned officer to create a virtual pressure to complete the work.
    The petition can be closed by you, after the work is done.
    If the work is still pending, then it can be escalated to the higher officials.
    You can also use the media broadcast option to spread the problem message to the entire media.

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